ENSO Bottles

Plastics are both a benefit and scourge to our planet. They benefit us by reducing the bulk and weight of products, increasing the safety of products, and help make products more affordable. Plastics are a scourge when they are not handled correctly and end up accumulating in our landfills and oceans as litter. In an effort to help reduce the millions of tons of discarded plastics accumulating in our world’s landfills, and wildlife environments ENSO Plastics™, is bringing biodegradable technologies to the plastic industry. We are dedicated to providing biodegradable plastic solutions to customers seeking biodegradable alternatives.

ENSO Plastics is a biodegradable additive technology mixed in during the manufacturing process; we are not Oxo biodegradable or PLA (corn based) plastics. Traditional plastics made with ENSO are biodegradable in anaerobic (landfill) environments, breaking down through microbial action into biogases and inert humus; leaving behind no harmful materials. Plastics utilizing ENSO are also fully recyclable and can be mixed into existing recycling streams without resulting in contamination.

ENSO plastics are both biodegradable and recyclable, unlike the alternatives on the market today. Our technology is the ENSO additive which when introduced into a microbial environment enhances microbial activity. The ENSO additive add nutrients and other organic compounds which allow microbial action to colonize in and around the plastic and completely metabolize the polymers, turning them into inert humus (biomass), biogas (anaerobic) or Co2 (aerobic). We are not a Oxo-degradable product, and thus have no heavy metals or any toxic residue. We have a technical data sheet that includes all of our 3rd party testing which we would be happy to share at an appropriate time. The additive compound is proprietary as to the specific ingredients, but we have also conducted a leaching test to verify that it has no negative health impacts. All of the additive ingredients are benign and only serve to attract microbial activity once places into a waste environments.

The development of ENSO plastics marks a turning point from traditional plastics to earth friendly plastics. ENSO provides a turn-key stable solution over starch-based, PLA plastic and oxo-degradable products currently on the market. Our bottles do not require a specific, manmade, mechanically induced process to breakdown so we do not run our material in the D6400. The D6400 is for Industrial Compostable plastics (corn-based) only and we did not design our bottles to be taken to Industrial compost facilities. The fact is, 95% of all plastics end up in a landfill, and this is the issue we wanted to address.

ENSO, for sale at thousands of retailers’ shelves in 17 countries, is compliant with the FTC green guidelines. ENSO is a PROUD member of the ASTM and is in total compliance with ASTM Landfill biodegradation 3rd party accredited testing (ASTM D5511 and ASTM D5526 testing). We actually have played a critical role in contributing to the updates of those testing parameters which have now become the standard for International Biodegradable Plastic testing.